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How to Adjust to Your New Dentures

You’ve seen folks with new dentures. They lisp, their teeth move, they bite strangely. Kamloops Denture & Implant Centre will help you avoid these embarrassing – and temporary – situations.


Because you have what your body perceives as a foreign object in your mouth, new dentures will inevitably make you produce extra saliva. It happens to everyone. Remember to swallow more often for just a bit.

Call if Soreness Persists

If your gums feel sore after you have worn your new dentures for a few hours, and if this situation occurs repeatedly, call Kamloops Denture & Implant Centre so we can adjust your dentures.

Getting Used to Teeth

It will take a little time to get used to having a full mouth of teeth again. Some people feel that their lips and mouth are out of place with dentures. Your mouth will look perfectly natural; trust us! You’ll get used to this feeling in time.

Trouble Talking?

Any changes in your speech will be more noticeable to you than to any listeners. Since you hear your own voice through the bones of your head, the sound of your speech is greatly magnified to you. Experiencing that “denture click?” Slow down! Use the muscles of your lips, tongue and cheeks to hold that lower denture in place. It takes a little practice, but you’ll soon get rid of the click.

Trouble at the Table?

Eating with new dentures can be a challenge, since your brain is focused more on your new teeth and less on your food. Food can lose flavour for a time after you get dentures, and the process of chewing may feel strange. Before long, your brain will become accustomed to this “foreign object” in your mouth, focusing more on the taste and texture of the food itself.


Hang in there, and be careful! You might have trouble sensing heat in your food and drink. If you have questions, you’re always welcome to call us at Kamloops Denture & Implant Centre.

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