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Digital Dentures in Kamloops

Reduce your wait time and create the perfect smile with digital dentures. If you require digital dentures, get in touch with Kamloops Denture and Implant Centre. We are excited to announce the implementation of digital dentures. The technology used for creating digital dentures creates the best dentures possible which can be made efficiently and quickly.

Why Choose Digital Dentures?

In the case of digital dentures, 3D renderings of the dentures are created. It is based on the anatomical landmarks which are captured by taking the impression of the patient’s mouth. The digital dentures are generally created by milling the dentures together in one piece. This makes the denture(s) resistant to bacteria and tooth loss. Digital dentures give the advantage of a permanent record in case of loss or damage.

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The year of 2019 has brought us digital dentures. It is the biggest change in the denture world. We have been serving the Kamloops community since 1967 and have always been abreast with the latest technologies. We are Kamloop's only denture milling facility. To learn more about digital dentures or book an appointment, call us.

Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures

Call our centre to get digital dentures which are fast to fabricate and resistant to bacteria.

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