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Full and Partial Dentures

Full and partial dentures are available according to teeth loss. Dentures not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your face but also help you chew and talk comfortably.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are inserted immediately after the removal of the remaining teeth. To make this possible, the denturist takes measurements and makes the models of the patient’s jaw during a preliminary visit.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Loose or Shaky Dentures

The denture will fit over the implants to provide stability, and ease while chewing. It causes fewer tissue irritations and decreases bone loss.

Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures

Digital dentures can be made quickly and efficiently. These dentures are resistant to bacteria and prevent tooth loss as well. We are Kamloops’ only milling facility.


Same-Day Denture Relines

Along with denture relines, we can also offer repairs and rebases on the same day. We can also offer soft liners and denture adjustments for your convenience.

Trusted Denture Services in Kamloops

When you have missing teeth, dentures are required. Dentures help to improve the facial structure, as well as provide the functionality to chew your food and talk. If you need a denture or require denture repair services in Kamloops, get in touch with Kamloops Denture and Implant Centre. Our skilled and knowledgeable team can create dentures specific to your requirements. We are always glad to accept new patients, and we don’t require any referral.

Our Services

Continuing the tradition of Corbin Denture Clinic since 1967, we at Kamloops Denture and Implant Centre have seen a lot of changes. We’re pleased to report that today’s dentures make it easier to eat and speak, as well as smile attractively. Our denture clinic is pleased to provide the following dentures and denture maintenance services denture repair services in Kamloops.


Dentures we offer:

Complete dentures

Partial dentures

Implant-retained dentures


Digital 3D printing and milling

Precision dentures

Immediate Dentures


Denture maintenance:



Soft liners

Denture adjustments

Same-day relines and repairs


Caring for Your Dentures

Moreover, before you leave Kamloops Denture and Implant Centre, we’ll make sure you know how to care for your dentures to keep them looking and feeling their best. Here are a few tips:

  • Like teeth, dentures need to be cleaned daily. Use a denture cleanser and a denture brush, and rinse in warm water. Remember – brushing too hard can scratch the plastic or metal parts. Be gentle!
  • Don’t forget to brush the inside surfaces of your mouth with a soft toothbrush every day to remove bacteria.
  • Soak your dentures every day to clean them. Store them in a water-filled container (a denture bath).
  • Take your dentures out overnight to give your gums a rest.
  • Never try to adjust your own dentures! Come see us at Kamloops Denture and Implant Centre when you need an adjustment.
  • Take your dentures out and rinse them (and your mouth) after every meal.
  • To protect your dentures in case they fall while you’re handling them, float a washcloth in 3 inches of water in the sink.

Denture Repair in Kamloops

Your dentures go through substantial pressure and stress when chewing and biting food. With time, your dentures go through constant and continual wear and tear which leads to fractures.


If neglected, small fractures can result in bigger cracks and breakages in your dentures. It’s best to go to the experts to repair your denture. A DIY job can be risky and may even cause further damage if not performed properly. With expert denture repair by Kamloops Denture and Implant Centre, you can ensure that your dentures are repaired correctly.


We understand that your dentures are a vital part of your everyday life and, thus, we provide you with prompt services without any unnecessary delays. Call us today to book an appointment for a comprehensive repair job.


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