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When do I need to replace my dentures?

Be aware that your mouth changes over time. It’s time to come on in to our denture clinic if your teeth slip while you talk or at the dinner table. While this situation may be annoying, it can also be unhealthy – your bone can be eroded and you can end up with sores in your mouth.

What is causing my dentures to hurt?

They may not fit your mouth anymore. Remember, both bone and tissue shift and change shape over time, causing your dentures not to fit anymore. You may suffer from dry mouth and have the sores that can result from that condition. You may have developed bone chips, or you may simply need to take better care of your dentures and your mouth tissues with better hygiene. Come see us at Kamloops Denture & Implant Centre and ask.

How can I relieve the pain until I get to the clinic?

Just leave your dentures out of your mouth, and rinse your mouth with salt dissolved in warm water. To avoid pain, brush your gums, palate and tongue with a soft toothbrush after meals and before bed. And when you arrive at Kamloops Denture & Implant Centre, ask us about soft liners under lower dentures.

Why are dentures so expensive?

Not all dentures are expensive. But this is one area where it’s unwise to skimp. Cheap dentures tend to be poorly designed, leading to sores inside your mouth. These sores can even cause joint and jaw disorders, resulting in more expense! Ill-fitting dentures can affect your appearance, adding wrinkles around your mouth and cheeks – and causing you to stop socializing, which can even affect your emotional health. Low-cost dentures typically are high-cost, in the end.

Why does my face look different?

Have you just gotten your first set of dentures? If so, the unaccustomed feeling of teeth where there weren’t any can make you feel that your lips are pushing outward. This change in your appearance is for the better, and your mouth will feel more natural as you get used to the dentures. But if you notice additional wrinkles around your cheeks and lips or a sunken look in your face, come see us at Kamloops Denture & Implant Centre. It may be time for new dentures. Most people need to replace their dentures every 5 to 7 years, with annual gum exams.

Are there particular foods I should avoid?

Avoiding foods you ate before you wore dentures is generally a bad idea, as long as those foods were healthful ones. While eating with dentures does take some practice, in time you should be able to eat everything you did previous to your dentures. At first, eat soft foods cut into small pieces. Chew slowly on both sides of your mouth. Return slowly to your normal diet, but do avoid hard or sticky foods. And don’t use toothpicks!

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